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Pennsylvania auto insurance: In a six months study in 1992, I produced the report entitled "Operation of an Audited-Mile/Year Automobile Insurance System Under Pennsylvania Law." (It was published in the Casualty Actuarial Society’s 1993 Summer Forum: pages 307-338.)[1] This study developed the representative transaction-by-transaction approach for subsequent operational studies. Although odometers were mechanical and annual policies were assumed, the principles were the same as now.

Texas auto insurance: The research findings are presented in my August 2000 Report to the Texas Legislature “Why the Standard Automobile Insurance Market Breaks Down in Low-Income Zip Codes” (39 pages).

On the basis of this report, the Legislature passed HB 45 - the odmeter-miles exposure base option law - into law in 2001. Although HB 45 sunset in September 2005, the legislative validation of per-mile insurance as an optional alternative to the car year exposure unit led to regulatory approval for the MileMeter Insurance Company to become a licensed carrier in 2008, and to sell coverage at cents-per-mile rates based on odometer readings.

[1] Also available as an article included in a 500-page volume at .